100s of practical Tips

Working Globally offers 100s of practical tips to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes, get to “yes” when negotiating, create productive and effective multi-cultural teams, and prepare for life in a foreign country.

Want to know when or if to make a concession when negotiating with Russians? Simply open the Russian country profile and check negotiating strategies.

Need to conduct a “brain-storming” session at the kickoff of a Japanese-Brazilian joint venture? Simply click the menu option “issues between nations” and select Japan and Brazil.

Are you German project manager, working for an American company, developing software for a French company, using Indian developers and Chinese tech writers? Do you need a strategy to motivate the Indians to develop the software asap? Working Globally’s “national profiles” and “issus between nations” will alert you to potential problems and supply you with field-tested solutions.

Working Globally provides you with the easiest and most intuitive way to enhance your multi-national business skills.